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Sijee Optical Communication Technology Co Ltd was established in 2002 Sijee Optical has been operating for 15 years with the registration fee of 50 million RMB Sijee Optical is located in Ningbo the exact address is No 20 Chuangxin East Road Liyang Town Ninghai Ningbo Zhejiang with the factory area of more than 28 000 square meters Sijee Optical s products has passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification GB T24001 ISO14001 standards and GB T28001 2001 standards Sijee Optical has also established an environmental management system and occupational health and safety management system Sijee Optical won bids several times within many years from China Mobile China Telecom China...

Categories and Products

Horizontal Fiber Optic Splice Closure

New Horizontal Fiber Optic Splice Closure Waterproof Horizontal type Fiber splice enclosure box Waterproof Inline Fiber Optical Joint Enclosure Outdoor Fiber Optical Joint Enclosure 144 Core Horizontal Cable Optic Joint Box 4 Port In-Line Fiber Optic Cable Junction Box 288-576 Cores Large Fiber Optic Splice Case Extra Large 288 cores Fiber Optic Splice Closures FTTH PLC Splitter Fiber Distribution Splice Closure Compact Type Fiber Optical Splice Distribution box Compact Type Fiber Optical Splice Closure box FTTH PLC Splitter Fiber Splice Closure Box Splitter Fiber Distribution Closure Box Horizontal Compact Fiber Optical Splice Closure box Waterproof In-line Fiber Optical Splice Closure Large Waterproof Fiber Optic Splice Case Outdoor Fiber Optical Joint Enclosure ABS SJ-Small-5 Compact Type Fiber Optical Splice Closure box Fiber Optic Splice Closure with 2 Inlets/outlets Fiber Optic Splice Closure with 3 Inlets/outlets 

Dome Fiber Optic Splice Closure

Waterproof Fiber Optic Joint Closure Heat Shrinkable Seal Fiber Optic Splice Closure 3 In-Out Fiber Dome Splice Closure Waterproof Dome Fiber Optical Splice Closure, Joint Box Waterproof Optical Dome Splice Closures Small Waterproof Dome Joint Closure Fiber Optic 96 Cores Waterproof Dome Fiber Optical Splice Closure 1in3out Dome Heat Shrinkable Fiber Optic Splice Closure 1in 4out Dome Fiber Optic Splice Closure 1In 3Out Dome Fiber Optic Splice Closure 1In 4Out Dome Type Fiber Optic Splice Closure 1in 6Out Dome Fiber Dome Splice Closure Dome Splice Enclosure with 1+8 Ports Dome Splice Enclosure with 1+4 Ports Dome Splice Enclosure with 1+16 Ports Splice Enclosure With 4 Ports Dome 

Outdoor Fiber Optical Distribution Box(Metal)

Outdoor Fiber Optic Distribution Box 48Cores Outdoor Fiber Access Terminal 72 Cores Waterproof Fiber Optic Distribution Cabinet FTTH Splitter Outdoor Fiber Distribution Cabinet 1:32 Splitter Outdoor Fiber optics Distribution Enclosure Outdoor Waterproof FTTH Access Terminal Box New Outdoor Fiber optics Distribution Enclosure New Type Fiber Optic Cable Distribution Box 48 Cores Fiber Optical Distribution 24 Cores Weatherproof Enclosures 

Indoor Fiber Optical Distribution Box(Metal)

Wall Mounted Indoor Fiber Optical Distribution Box 24 Cores 48 Cores Wall Mounted Fiber Optical Distribution Cases 72 Cores Fiber Optical Distribution Cabinet 24 cores FTTH Terminal Distribution Box​ 24 cores Compact Fiber Wall Mount Splice Enclosures 12 Cores SC/FC Wall Mounted Fiber Terminal Box 24 cores Wall Mounted FTTH Terminal Box​ Fiber optic terminal box FTTH Wall Mounted Optical Splitter Distribution Box 

Fiber Optical Distribution Box (Plastic)

8 Cores Plastic Fiber Optic Distribution Box Outdoor 8 Ports Fiber Optic Splitter Distribution Box 8 Core FTTH Fiber Optics Distribution Box Outdoor Fiber Optical Splitter Boxes Wall Mounting Fiber Optical Terminal Box Waterproof 12 Port Fiber Optic Junction Terminal Box FTTH 24 cores Fiber Optic Distribution Terminal Box IP65 Waterproof 16 Port Fiber Optic Terminal Box IP65 Waterproof Fiber Optic Distribution Joint Box FTTH Splitter 1*16 Fiber Access Termination Box 16 Cores FTTH Fiber Distribution Box 1 input port 6 output ports FTTH Distribution Box Plastic FTTX Indoor/Outdoor Fibre Optic Termination Boxes FTTX Fibre Optic Termination Boxes 1*16 PLC FTTX Fiber Splitter Termination Box Waterproof 1*16 Splitter ​ FTTX Fiber Termination Box 1*16 Splitter Wall Mount Fiber Distribution Cases FTTH Drop Cable type Fiber optic Splice Splitter Closure SMC 12 Cores ​Wall Mounted Fiber Optical Terminal Box SMC 24 Cores Outdoor Fiber Optical Cable Distribution Box 

FTTH Fiber Optic Socket Terminal Box

FTTH Single Fiber Socket Panel 3 ports Wall Mounted Optic Socket 4 ports for SC Duplex Fiber Optic Socket Wall Mount 4 ports Fiber Optic Socket Indoor 2 ports Optic Socket/Mini Fiber Optic faceplate 2 Ports Indoor Fiber Distribution Box Optic Socket 1core FTTH Mini Fiber Op​tic Terminal Box 2 Port Fiber Optic Termination Box With Dust Cover SC 6 Cores Wall Mounted Fiber Optical Terminal Box FTTH Fiber Optic Termination Box 12 Ports 24 Ports SC Wall Mounted Fiber Optic Termination Box Pigtail Type 12 core Fiber Optic Termination Box SC Drops Cables Fiber Protection Box Square Type Fiber Optic Drop Cable Protection Box Fiber Optic Drop Cable Protection Box Square Type Fiber Optic Drop Cable Protection Box 2 cores FTTH Fiber Fusion Splicing Protection Boxes 2 cores FTTH Fiber Fusion Splicing Protection Box 12 Cores Wall Mount Fiber Optical Termination Box FTTH Indoor Fiber Optic Terminal Box 8 ports 

Fiber Optic Patch Panel

Sliding Drawer Type Fiber Optic Patch Panel 19" Rack Mount Sliding Patch Panel Fiber Optic  48 Port Drawer Type Fiber Optic Patch Panel 96 Fibers Removable Type Fiber Patch Panel Drawer Type Cables Optical Distribution Box 48 Cores Optical Fibre Patch Panel Pull - push Type 24 Fibers Fixed Type Cables Optical Distribution Box 24ports FTTH Fiber Optic Termination Box 24 Cores Optical Distribution Frame ODF For FTTH 24 Cores Rack-Mounted Terminal Box 

Optical Fiber Distribution Frame

720 cores Fiber Optic Distribution Frame ODF Optical Distribution Frames 576 Cores Fiber Cables Distribution Cabinet 576 F Optical Fiber Distribution Frame ODF 1440 Cores Indoor Optical Fiber Distribution Frame Fiber Optic Distribution Frame PLC Splitter ODF 12 Fibers Rack mount Fiber Distribution Box Fiber Optic Distribution Frame ODF Box 48 Ports FC Optic Distribution Frame 19'' 3U Rack Mount Optical Distribution Frame 72 Fibers Rack Mount Optical Distribution Frame 96 Cores Splice and Distribution Unit ODF Splicing & Distribution Module Integrative tray Fiber optic Splice Tray Loaded with Pigtails Adapter 

Network Cabinet

19" Rack Universal Server Rack Network Cabinet 19"Free standing Network Server Data Cabinet Server Rack 19 Inch Network Cabinet With Doors Floor Standing Network Cabinet For Telecommunication 19" Server Rack Used Network Cabinet Telecom Indoor Floor Standing Network Rack Cabinet 19" Network Cabinet Floor Standing Network Server Data Rack Enclosure Cabinet Broadband Outdoor Cabinet Telecom Equipment Cabinet Outdoor Integrated Telecom Cabinet 

Fiber Optical Cross Connect Cabinets

Stainless Steel Fiber Optical Cross Connect Cabinets OCC Outdoor Fiber Optic Cross Connecting Cable Cabinet 576 F Outside Plant Fiber Cable Cross Connect Cabinets 1152 Fibers Outside Fiber Cable Cross Connect Cabinets 1728 Outside Plant Fiber Cable Cross Connect Cabinets IP65 576-1152 Cores Fiber Optic Distribution Cabinet 144 Cores Compact Fibre Optic Cross Connect Cabinet 576 fibers IP65 Outdoor Street Optic Cross Cabinet 

Equipment Enclosure

Ground Mounted FTTB Broadband Data Integration Cabinet Outdoor CCTV Fiber Optic Distribution Enclosure Ground Mounted Broadband Network Cabinet ONU Access Box Integrated Distribution Cabinet Outdoor Telecom Broadband Network Cabinet Wall & Pole Mountable Outdoor Distribution Cabinets Outdoor Waterproof Fiber 0ptic Equipment box Outdoor Broadband Access Integrated Distribution Cabinet Indoor ONU Access Box Integrative Distribution Cabinet Indoor ONU cabinet Integrated Distribution Cabinet Outdoor Waterproof Wall Mounting Enclosure Outdoor Compact Enclosures Wall Mounting Enclosure Stainless Steel Electrical Box Outdoor Steel Enclosure Waterproof Industrial Enclosures Distribution Cabinets 19" Rack Outdoor Telecom Cabinet Base Station Enclosure 

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